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Manukau City, Auckland
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Burn Support Group Charitable Trust aim to support and assist people with burn injuries by:

Visiting patients and their families in Middlemore Hospital.

Improving patient care through the funding of equipment to help burn patients, over and above that funded by the health service.

Fostering the sharing of information between burn survivors, their families, health professionals and other interested parties.

Offering to accompany and support children who have burn injuries when they return to school.

Providing opportunities for mutual support for burn survivors, such as workshops and our annual Burn Support Children’s camp for 7-18 year olds.

We are an Auckland group, but also provide support for individuals from across New Zealand whom we come into contact with during hospital visiting. We provide patient information packs, and can ‘buddy’ individuals up with others who have had burn injuries. Children from all over NZ can attend the annual camp Awhi.

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For Health Professionals

Are you looking for support for a patient that is a Burn Survivor?


The aims of the Burn Support Group Charitable Trust, which is a non-profit organisation, are:

  1. To provide burn survivors (and their families) with support and assistance, during and after hospitalisation, and to help them to return to normal and satisfactory lives within the community.

  2. To lower the incidence of burn injuries by prevention, awareness and burn prevention education;

  3. To improve patient care by funding equipment where publicly funded resources are not available.

  4. To foster sharing of information between survivors, families, health professionals and other interested parties;

  5. To provide opportunities for mutual support from burn survivors, who through their experiences have found inner strengths and 'risen like the Phoenix, from the ashes'.

The quote above 'risen like the Phoenix, from the ashes' is from our founders husband and one of our Patrons, Alan Breslau, who founded the Phoenix Society for Burn survivors in the United States.

What can you expect after you have referred your patient to the Burn Support Group Charitable Trust? 

  1. We  will send you  a letter to confirm we have received your referral.
  2. We will send a letter to the Burn Survivor advising of your referral and inviting them to contact us.
  3. We will send you a letter to advise you of the outcome of your referral.