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Burn Support Group Charitable Trust aim to support and assist people with burn injuries by:

Visiting patients and their families in Middlemore Hospital.

Improving patient care through the funding of equipment to help burn patients, over and above that funded by the health service.

Fostering the sharing of information between burn survivors, their families, health professionals and other interested parties.

Offering to accompany and support children who have burn injuries when they return to school.

Providing opportunities for mutual support for burn survivors, such as workshops and our annual Burn Support Children’s camp for 7-18 year olds.

We are an Auckland group, but also provide support for individuals from across New Zealand whom we come into contact with during hospital visiting. We provide patient information packs, and can ‘buddy’ individuals up with others who have had burn injuries. Children from all over NZ can attend the annual camp Awhi.

Education & Support Resources

New Zealand Fire Service – Fire Awareness and Intervention Programme

Did you know?

Over 63% of all deliberately lit fires in NZ are started by young people under 17 years old.

Many of these fires are started by children through experimentation, fascination, a lack of understanding about the speed of fire development or the consequences of fire.

Tragic examples are many of the recent significant school fires in NZ which were started by young people lighting combustibles too close to a structure without understanding about the potential for fire development. Curbing fire play early amongst young people is a well-documented highly effective way to reduce significant property loss in our communities. 

What is FAIP? (Fire Awareness & Intervention Programme)

FAIP is a free, consequence based, education programme delivered by trained firefighters to help children overcome unhealthy firelighting behaviour.

Last year 439 children completed the fire service Fire Awareness and Intervention Programme (FAIP). As a result 96%* of these young people stop playing with fire.

What does FAIP mean for you?

Firefighters attending fires started by young people are often in an excellent position to offer FAIP to parents or caregivers. Referrals can be made to FAIP by contacting for further information.

The excellent success of FAIP means once a child has been through FAIP there will be less fires which mean less injuries, loss of life and property loss. And it starts with a referral from you.

Please note that FAIP Practitioners do not respond to fires as experience has shown us that the most effective interventions occur once the "heat" has gone out of the situation. Usually an intervention is conducted in the safe environment of the child's home with their parent/caregiver present.

With special thanks to Jackie Watson, Lynda McHugh (Auckland) and Jess Johson (Hamilton) Fire and Emergency.

Burn Support Group would like to acknowledge and thank Alice Ding, Anni Tang and Sam Cho from the Asian Network Incorporated, TANI .  They have volunteered their time and support to translate" Hot Water Burns Like Fire" brochures into Chinese Mandarin. These translated brochures are available to the Hospitals, Doctor's Surgeries, Community Groups and the general public.   With the promotion of helpful hints on home safety we hope to lower the unfortunate incidents surrounding burns...   


BURN SUPPORT CHARITABLE TRUST would like to share their appreciation for the wonderful support given by DEFSEC Media.  Fire magazine is published by DEFSEC Media Ltd on behalf of Fire Protection Association N.Z, Society of Fire Protection Engineers N.Z, Institution of Fire Engineers N.Z.

B.S.G. acknowledge for the past 12 months, editor Craig Flint has placed articles relating to the Charity through 3 magazines circulating through N.Z.  With this valued opportunity it has raised the awareness surrounding burn survivors, promoted Burn Support Group as a non-profit organisation available throughout the Communities within N.Z.

It is through the support of generous organisations as DEFSEC that we are able to make a difference to individuals, families/whanau who have experienced burn injuries, giving emotional and practical support during recovery and beyond.

From the B.S.G. Board and Staff, we are truly grateful for the continued support.

free resource packs for group education

If you are interested in requesting our packs or finding out more please call our office on 09 270 0640 

You can also e-mail or use the contact form below.

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Above are some examples of the items that we may provide in our Education packs. All resources are provided in a carrybag. 

(The carrybag can be seen at the bottom centre of both of the outer pictures)

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Prevention and Education

FREE presentations are available in Schools, Kindergartens, Kohanga Reo, Day care centres and to other interested community groups in the Auckland area.

We will also supply FREE educational resources NZ Wide (see above for packs).

Mission Heights school group photo 2.3.16.jpg
Mission Heights School pic Michele, Kids & Mata.jpg

One of the BSG education initiatives: We provide free presentations to schools in the Auckland area. ON 2.3.16 our administrator, Michele Henry and Board Member, Mata Laakulu were at Mission Heights Junior School presenting to the Year 7 students. If your school would like a presentation please contact Michele by email:

Feedback on burns awareness programme

Received from Youth Justice North, Auckland, October 2008

On behalf of Youth Justice North, Korowai Manaaki, I would like to extend an immense thank you for your tremendous contribution and facilitation of the Burns awareness programme at Youth Justice North on Friday 10th October 2008

It was an awesome day, I strongly believe that our young people took the message on board and learnt a lot.

Our young people are really appreciative of the wealth of knowledge you brought with you and for this I am also really appreciative.

The programme was fantastic, and we have had a lot of positive feedback from young people and also staff. The visuals were a great tool and advantage with getting the message across and it also pays to mention that your set up was superb for the learning environment.

I hope that the community become aware to the severity of the burns as this is very educational and life-saving.

So once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH. We really appreciate your work.

 Yours truly

Andrew Tauai
Youth worker/Programmes

Youth Justice North Programmes Department.


The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors has a wealth of valuable resources (click on the logo above).
One of which is the Burn Support Magazine - Click on the magazine image below to read &/or download

Please click on the images below to view and /or download these resources

other Education & support Links

If its an emergency and you feel like you or someone else is at risk CALL 111